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Acef Stripe – One

acef stripeWhen we listen to finely crafted electronic music, like this release from Acef Stripe, it’s easy to forget that there are people in the world who dislike the genre. The notes are so warm, the composition so fascinating, it’s hard to imagine anyone not sharing our enthusiasm.

One, released over the summer by David Svrjcek (his first under the name Acef Stripe) is aimed directly at the world’s electronic music purists. Without question, he has hit the mark.

Svrjcek lists his instruments as “generally limited to Grendel Drone, Mother 64, Arturia Prophet, and lots of Moog, Eventide and EHX pedals.” One is the first in a planned series that he promises will feature “minimal overdubbing.”

That direct approach serves him well on these six pieces.

“A Subtle Warning” opens the album. Given that it is an eight-and-a-half-minute drone piece, it is certainly an indication of things to come. Why Svrjcek feels it necessary to “warn” us is likely an exercise in self-deprecation.

“Making Sense of the Carnage” follows with a slight distortion effect and multi-layered electronics. It’s hardly complex, but there’s a good deal going on here. Enough to make it one of the highlights.

“Temperament” is another noteworthy piece. It follows the same leisurely pace as the rest of the album. At the same time though, there’s a sense of excitement on this final track that wraps up the album on a high.

Svrjcek is from Washington, DC originally. He and his family now call Northern Colorado home. Clearly, that was an inspirational decision.

Kevin Press


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