Nick Sutton, Emika, Gazelle Twin – Angels Dreams Inches

Fair warning. A little more than three and a half minutes into this darkly foreboding record, you will be startled by a grotesque, inhaled scream. The fact that this occurs at the front end of an opening piece entitled “Angels” may cause you to wonder how such a terrible sound could ever be associated with … Continue reading Nick Sutton, Emika, Gazelle Twin – Angels Dreams Inches

George Hadow/Dirk Serries – Outermission

If there were such a thing as minimalist jazz, it could fairly be said that drummer George Hadow and guitarist Dirk Serries have come close to perfecting the subgenre. The duo’s new album, which drops on Raw Tonk Records July 7, is a staggering, conscious-raising, zig-when-you-thought-they’d-zag winner. To describe this disc as minimalist has more … Continue reading George Hadow/Dirk Serries – Outermission

Love in the Sixth Soundtrack

In the finely crafted words of director/co-writer/co-star Jude Klassen, Love in the Sixth is “a feminist film although I suppose somebody’s being objectified somewhere. It’s so hard to keep up, baby.” There is no better way to introduce the impressive soundrack to this self-described “unromantic musical comedy about extinction.” Klassen’s sharp wit and ability to … Continue reading Love in the Sixth Soundtrack