Cheryl Duvall & Anna Höstman – Harbour

In preparation for my review of Cheryl Duvall’s and Anna Höstman’s beautiful new disc Harbour for, I reached out to Duvall here in Toronto to discuss the recording and her working relationship with the Victoria, B.C.-based composer. I’ve prepared a lengthy feature on Harbour for ep. 89 of The Moderns. That’ll be posted Jan. … Continue reading Cheryl Duvall & Anna Höstman – Harbour

Martina Bertoni – All the Ghosts Are Gone

Listening to Martina Bertoni’s debut long-player, it’s not difficult to imagine her embraced by classical music audiences around the world. Despite being a skilled cellist however, All the Ghosts Are Gone is more an electronic than a new classical work. It is a combination of the two, to be sure. It is also, arguably, the … Continue reading Martina Bertoni – All the Ghosts Are Gone